Wolf House

An image of Wolf House.

Wolf House
10 Singles - 11 Doubles - 2 Triples - 29 Residents
2732 Durant Avenue
Berkeley, CA 94704
Wheelchair Accessible

At Wolf House exists a delicate mix: an intimate living space when you seek community, and quiet spaces when you seek refuge from academic hustle and bustle. A 5 minute walk from the southside of campus and the Music and Environmental Design Libraries, nestled near the Greeks but distinctly separate, our little yellow house hums along with daily comings and goings.

Wolves benefit from small house togetherness, with big house traditions and diversity. Here we come from all different backgrounds, majors, and identities, and we strive to create pockets for like-minded groups. Whether eccentric or ordinary, queer or straight, meat-eater or vegan, first generation, disabled, or studying abroad, there is very likely a past, present, and future Wolf like you. Where we don’t agree, we respect one another, and hold each other accountable. Deep bonds are often formed between housemates of entirely different backgrounds. International students are often welcomed into our pack.

The whimsically odd layout of our house makes every room and space unique (courtesy of Julia Morgan, the first female architect in CA). Ryan Gosling’s smiling face greets us with every entrance to the house, along with our walls full of memories on film. You’ll often find yourself in the dining room, often into the early hours, searching for a sweet treat or hours into a long, warm conversation. In the kitchen, we make good use of our extensive spice rack or bake untested NYT recipes.

Our back porch is well loved and cozy, receiving warmth from the sun and shade from our bird-friendly valley oak and fruit trees. Wolves can be found there enjoying breakfast or tea in the morning, reading in a hammock, studying in the afternoon, or gathering with friends in the evening, surrounded by our herb garden and string lights. Our living room is often used as a group study space, and in frequent use for show and movie screenings in the evenings. The basement provides quiet space for solo focus, and is home to our free pile, where we take and leave everything from interesting trinkets to random books to colorful jackets.

Social opportunities are various and abundant, from casual trips to the beach or an RSF yoga class to house brunches, Fancy Dinner, room to room, and gatherings with live music and DJs. Wolves enjoy a good theme. There is quiet when you look for quiet, laughter when you look for laughter, ice cream when you look for ice cream, and, once a month, when lycanthropy sets in, we howl from the roof at our full moon. Awoooooooo! Awoooooooo!