Summer Housing

We have summer housing available!

Apply as soon as possible for Summer 2017 to have the best chance of getting the housing you want!

As one of Berkeley's largest student housing providers, the BSC offers 20 houses and apartment buildings to choose from.  Most are located very close to UC Berkeley- within 1 to 5 blocks of the Berkeley campus.

We have afforable housing in apartments, rooming houses, and room and board houses.

We rent to UC Berkeley summer session students, students at other schools, students on summer break, and returning members.

We have three Summer contract periods

Taking summer courses at UC Berkeley or in a Berkeley summer program?  Summer contract periods are designed to fit the UC Berkeley Summer Session schedule - you can sign for either the first half the summer- dates are (May 21 - July 1), the second half (July 2 - August 12), or the whole summer (May 21 - August 12).  Once the summer has started, you can still get housing for partial periods if there is still space available.  

If you are enrolled in this Berkeley Summer Session:

Apply for this contract period:

A - First Six-Week Session

Period 1 only

B - Ten-Week Session

Full Summer

C - Eight-Week Session

Full Summer

D - Second Six-Week Session

Period 2 only

E - Three-Week Session

Period 2 only

To see rates for Summer 2017, please visit Summer Rates. Rent is prorated for members signing contracts after the start of the contract period depending upon the date we started holding the space for you.

We provide low cost housing for Students at Universities, Community Colleges and Study Abroad Programs!

During the summer, the co-ops are filled with a diverse membership. This membership includes, but is not limited to:

  • students coming for the summer from colleges and universities all over the U.S.
  • continuing co-op residents
  • students from other countries
  • students who are attending local colleges and universities, including UC Berkeley, Berkeley City College, San Francisco State, Laney College, and the California College of Arts.
  • Read more about the co-op apartments in the summer or the co-op houses in the summer.  Also, see the Summer Housing FAQ.


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