Summer Housing FAQ

Below is a list of the most common information people want to know about summer.  If you have more questions, please email If you are interested in Summer 2020 housing, apply now to have the best chance of getting the housing you want!


Acceptable verification includes ONE of the following (note that all verification documents must be dated February 15, 2020 or later AND include your full name, the college/university name, show that you are a full-time student and, if you are applying for Convent or Hillegass Parker, the document should clearly show that you are a graduate/re-entry student). All documents must be in English. 

You do not need to be taking classes during Summer 2020 if you were a student Spring 2020 or will be Fall 2020.

1)  A copy of your UCB Spring 2020 registration from your Cal Central “My Academics” page that states that you are “Officially Registered” OR

2)  A copy of your Fall 2020 acceptance letter OR

3) A copy of your UCB Summer 2020 confirmed class schedule (If your class schedule is pdf password protected, please provide the password) OR

4)  If you attend a college/university other than UCB, a screenshot of your Spring 2020 class schedule, with your full name, the name of your university and the number of units enrolled.

*If you are interested in living at Cloyne Court during the Summer, you must be either a registered UC Berkeley student Spring 2020 or Fall 2020 or enrolled in 5 or more units at UCB during Summer 2020.

*We will not be able to consider you for summer assignment until we have received the proper verification of summer membership eligibility. When you send your student verification, please indicate which Summer wait list you are interested in. Please send your verification by email to as a PDF file.

Acceptable verification includes ONE of the following (note that all verification documents must be dated after February 15, 2020 and must include your name and the College/University name AND, if you are applying for Convent or Hillegass/Parker, the document should clearly show that you are a Grad/Re-entry student):

  • a copy of your Spring 2020 registration with a current date OR
  • a copy of your Fall 2020 acceptance letter OR
  • a copy of your UCB Summer 2020 confirmed class schedule

Note that we will not be able to consider you for assignment until we have received the proper verification of membership eligibility.  

We will be making the first round of summer contract offers starting March 13. If you are on the Summer 2020 waiting list, you will be sent an email with a log in time to select your spot during the week of March 9-13. After you reserve your spot, you will wait until the contracts are ready on March 27.  You will then have until April 8 to sign your contract and make the payment. If you join the waiting list after March 13, we will let you know the time line for summer offers when you submit your summer waiting list application.

Hoyt Hall and Sherman Hall (which are women only during the academic year) will be co-ed during the Summer. 

The co-ops that will be open for room and board are Castro (POC Theme House), Davis, Hillegass Parker, Hoyt, Kingman, Lothlorien, and Wolf.

Kidd Hall will be closed for Summer 2020 for seismic upgrades.

New residents to the co-op houses should expect to live in a shared room. Rooms are assigned by a process called Room Bids. Apartment spaces in Rochdale and Fenwick are all single rooms. All rooms in the graduate/re-entry co-ops, Convent and Hillegass Parker are also single bedrooms.

During the summer only, you do not need to be a UC Berkeley student to live at Rochdale, Fenwick, or Convent, as long as you are otherwise eligible. You do need to be a UC Berkeley student to live at Cloyne Court.

The full Summer 2020 contract period is May 24 - August 15.  

There are also options for contacts for half of the summer and the second half of summer. 

The first half of summer contract is May 24 - July 4 and the second half of summer contract is July 5 - August 15.

You may cancel a Summer 2020 contract without penalty as long as you do so by April 8, 2020.  If you cancel a contract after April 8, your charges will depend on whether or not we are able to replace you. If we are able to replace you, we will charge you $75 plus charges until you are replaced in your unit.  

If we cannot replace you, your maximum liability will be the cost of your summer contract.

The co-ops that will be open for room and board in Summer 2020 are Person of Color Theme House (Castro), Davis, Hillegass Parker, Hoyt, Kingman, Lothlorien, and Wolf. Some room-only houses may decide to charge a fee to keep staples on hand for all. This fee will be voted on at the first house council meeting of the summer.  You will have kitchen privileges in a communal kitchen in your house or an individual kitchen in your apartment.

Summer residents who live in the co-ops for at least six weeks will have priority on the fall waiting list at the end of the six weeks. However, summer residents are not guaranteed a spot in the co-op for fall. You should also be aware that if you do receive a fall assignment, it will not necessarily be for the same house or apartment you are assigned to for summer. You must be a full-time registered college student to live in the co-op during the academic year.

See our Academic Year eligibility requirements.

Spaces for Fall are assigned from a separate waiting list, so if you are also interested in Fall, make sure you put yourself on the Fall waiting list too. (No additional fee is required.)

We recommend numbering as many places as you are willing to live in as the more preferences you have, the more likely it is that we will assign you. The first half of summer and full summer have a lot of availability. Summer Period 2 is more impacted.

The workshift requirement will be 5 hours per week for room-only houses, 5 hours per week in the room and board houses and in the apartments, the requirement is 6 hours per session for people who hold contracts for only one summer session and 12 hours for the summer if you hold a contract for the full summer.  

More information about workshifts is located here.

In the co-op houses, most spaces for new residents will be in shared rooms. Specific room assignments are determined at the beginning of summer in Room Bids. You are guaranteed a single only in our two grad/re-entry co-ops, the Convent and Hillegass Parker, and in Rochdale Village and Fenwick Village (except Fenwick one-bedroom apartments, which may be shared by two people).

It's easier to get a spot in the larger houses and when you participate in self-select, you can both sign up for the same unit.    

Each resident is guaranteed a bed, desk, dresser and chair. If any of these things are not there when you arrive, just ask your house manager!  

Summer 2019 rates can be viewed here. Summer 2020 rates will be available by April 1, 2020. Rates usually rise between 3 - 5% each year.