Basic Workshift Requirements

Be prepared to pitch in and do your part—or you will be fined for each missed hour of workshift, and your contract can be terminated. The workshift manager will assign you to permanent shifts based on your schedule and preferences, and will accommodate members with disabilities. Remember that workshifts start the day you move in, so talk to a manager at your house to help you get started.

All members of the houses are required to do a few hours of house improvement each semester. Some houses may also require bathroom clean shifts or Friday night shifts in addition to basic workshift. Check with your managers for a complete list of house workshift requirements at your co-op.

BSC Workshift Policy

Workshift Website

Indicate your workshift preferences, check your schedule, see if you are up or down hours, and sign out online (if your house uses online signoffs) at

Central Level Workshift

As an alternative to doing workshift at your house, you can gain valuable employment experience by working warehouse, delivery, and office jobs for a few hours each week at the Central Level. Applications are due at the beginning of every semester.