Central Office

Our Central Office is located at 2424 Ridge Road, Berkeley, California in front of Casa Zimbabwe. We are generally open 10am to 5pm on weekdays and can be reached (510) 848-1936.

Interim Executive Director -- Teena Lorie Harris

Interim Executive Director

Teena Lorie Harris

The Executive Director is responsible for ensuring the BSC fulfills its mission of providing quality, low-cost cooperative housing to students. She oversees the long-range strategic, annual and program plans of the organization. She provides leadership to the membership, the staff, and the Board of Directors, to ensure the BSC operates efficiently and successfully.

Operations Manager  Dave Chelsea-Seifert

Operations Manager

Dave Chelsea-Seifert

Dave oversees Housing, Central Food & Supplies, IT Operations, and Central Maintenance. He is responsible for the application of administrative policy, con tractual provisions, and local, state, and federal housing requirements. He monitors member eligibility, and contract enforcement. He supports and advises the Administrative Committee and the Internal Affairs Committee of the Board.

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Finance & Accounting Manager

Steve Catano

Steve oversees all financial records of the BSC. He prepares statements on a regular basis regarding house budgets and decentralization reports, as well as financial reports for Board and government/outside agencies. He also advises CFCom as necessary.

An image of Victor, the cooperative experience manager.

Cooperative Experience Manager

Victor Saldivar

Victor oversees the Member Resource Department, the Cloyne Facilities Manager, and the Rochdale/Fenwick Apartment Manager. They are responsible for house-level manager trainings, member health and safety, member training and engagement, and communication with the membership and campus community. They oversee the conduct policies and procedures. They advise and support the Conduct Committee and the Education and Training Committee of the Board.

Operations Team
Housing Supervisor  Betsy Putnam

Housing Supervisor

Betsy Putnam

Betsy oversees the assignment, transfer, and cancellation process for all applicants and members. She supervises the Assistant Housing Supervisor, Recruitment Coordinator and receptionists of the phone and front counter at the Central Office.

Assistant Housing Supervisor  Kyle Eggleston

Assistant Housing Supervisor

Kyle Eggleston

Kyle assists with housing applications, information on housing, and contract offers. Kyle and the student staff in the Housing department can answer any and all housing questions and problems.

Sean Camden, Webmaster of bsc.coop


Sean Camden

Sean wrangles the BSC websites and web-apps, updates the software, posts the posts, and personally reads every email sent to him. Sean enjoys the title, but catch him in an unguarded moment and he might admit to having not quite mastered the Web (yet).

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Contract & Purchasing Agent

Daniel Buehner

The Contract & Purchasing Agent is responsible for conducting the competitive bidding process, vendor selection aggregating of requisition requests and placing orders for all goods purchased at the central level. Approved centrally procured goods may include food items, maintenance supplies, office supplies and furniture.

Operations Assistant  Jacki Kingkade

Operations Assistant

Jacki Kingkade

Jacki's duties include training, supporting, and overseeing Workshift Managers at each unit, coordinating the Central Level Workshift Pool, and working with CFS, CM, and house-level managers to coordinate inspections and items that need to be corrected. The OA also coordinates the the BSC's pest control and habitability efforts.

Central Food & Supplies
An image of Miguel, the Central Food Service Supervisor.

CFS Supervisor

Miguel Duarte

The CFS Supervisor coordinates all activities of the Central Food & Supplies Warehouse, including purchasing, warehousing, delivery, special orders, catering, and development of new programs and planning. The CFS Supervisor also oversees kitchen manager training and health department inspections of house kitchens in addition to supervising all CK professional staff, clerical staff, warehouse, and delivery crews.

A picture of Anton Ennik, the Assistant Central Food Service Supervisor.

Assistant CFS Supervisor

Anton Ennik

The Assistant Warehouse Supervisor assists the Warehouse Supervisor in managing the Warehouse at Central Food & Supplies (formerly CK). This department supplies houses with food, staples, and furniture, and is responsible for training Kitchen and/or Food Managers in sanitation, food ordering, and food preparation. CFS also supervises the BSC’s recycling and composting programs.

Central Maintenance

Members elected by their co-ops serve as Maintenance Managers at their individual co-ops to perform routine inspections and minor maintenance.  BSC Central Maintenance professional crew handle complex work and also train house level managers and oversee major projects done by outside contractors.  CM can be contacted at 510.549.5965

Maintenance Supervisor Dave Pearson

Maintenance Supervisor

Dave Pearson

Dave manages BSC building maintenance, repair, and improvement programs. He trains and assists house level maintenance managers and oversees house level habitability. He supervises the senior maintenance crew.

An image of Jose Lopez, one of the senior maintenance crew members.

Jose Lopez

Senior Maintenance Crew

Senior Crew members perform journey-level maintenance, repairs, and capital improvement projects; train and assist house level maintenance managers; and supervise sub-contractors and the summer crew/laborers.

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Marty Spindler

Senior Maintenance Crew

Senior Crew members perform journey-level maintenance, repairs, and capital improvement projects; train and assist house level maintenance managers; and supervise sub-contractors and the summer crew/laborers.

Elisandro Garcia  Maintenance Crew

Elisandro Garcia

Maintenance Crew

Maintenance crew assist with repairs, and capital improvement projects as well as training and assisting house level maintenance managers.

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Cesareo Perez

Maintenance Crew

Maintenance crew assist with repairs, and capital improvement projects as well as training and assisting house level maintenance managers.

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Rafael Botello

Maintenance Liason

The Maintenance Liaison is responsible for assisting unit-level managers in meeting BSC and City safety and maintenance guidelines. They are responsible for training Maintenance Managers, providing ongoing support, and facilitating communication with the central-level. The Maintenance Liaison will recommend and approve Home Improvement and House Approved Projects, regularly coordinate the collection of Room Condition Reports and Preventative Maintenance inspections, and oversee the coordination of moving crews related to haul away projects and projects needed for capital improvement and seismic work at individual units.

Accounting Team
Accounting Supervisor  Pat Jang

Accounting Supervisor

Pat Jang

Pat supervises the entire bookkeeping operation: accounts receivable, accounts payable, member rents and compensation, collections, payment arrangements, and payroll. She also assists with HR and office administration duties.

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Accounts Receivable Specialist

Dorothy Williams

Dorothy processes all charges, credit, compensation, etc. for current members. She collects payments and makes payment arrangements for current members, and handles collections from former members.

Katie Alducin, Accounts Payable Specialist

Accounts Payable Specialist

Katie Alducin

Processes all bills from the Central level and houses for payment.

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Accounting Assistant

Mina Kim

The Accounting Assistant is responsible for performing cost distributions as part of the invoice payment process. She also responds to staff and house-level managers’ inquiries regarding posted expenses.

Development Team
Development Director  Madeleine Loh

Development Director

Madeleine Loh

The members of the BSC are excited about forming stronger ties with our alumni, and Madeleine supports them in their relationship-building. She also manages fundraising on behalf of our 501(c)(3) charitable mission of helping students afford college and have meaningful experiences in a student-run organization.

Human Resources
Chris Kelley, Human Resources Manager

Human Resources Manager

Chris Kelley

The HR Manager is responsible for providing support to the Executive Director in the execution of all Human Resources functions for the BSC.  These duties will include employee recruitment, assisting with the hiring process, overseeing employee orientation and on-boarding, researching and making recommendations regarding benefits plans/programs, administering benefits and compensation programs and policies, assisting with the resolution of employee relations issues, and advising staff members, supervisors, and managers in regards to human resources policies and laws.

Executive Administration
Zoe Wan, Board & Executive Assistant

Board & Executive Assistant

Zoe Wan

Zoe works closely with the BSC President and Executive Director to ensure that the BSC’s governance processes run smoothly. She supports the implementation of the Board governance and sustainability directives and provides administrative support to develop and improve infrastructure, systems, and build the capacity of executives and management in accomplishing the strategic objectives of the BSC.

Cooperative Experience Team
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Member Resources Supervisor

Bonnie Prestridge

Bonnie supervises the Member Resources department, which coordinates training and education, conflict resolution, and member advocacy. She also sponsors informational and social events such as New Member Orientation and NASCO.

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Conduct Hearing Coordinator

Andie Janos

Andie serves as the administrative hearing officer in BSC conduct cases. She provides advice and support to the BSC Conduct Committee, and develops educational materials related to common conduct issues. Andie also provides training and support to unit-level managers in enforcing conduct issues, conflict resolution, and restorative justice practices.

Facilities Managers
Cloyne Court Facilities Manager Zandra Sante

Cloyne Court Facilities Manager
Zandra Sante


The Facilities Manager at Cloyne Court is responsible for the successful and efficient day-to-day operations of the 140 member Cloyne Court co-op. The FM check residents in and out; responds to residents’ requests and complaints; maintains financial records; ensures that maintenance and habitability standards are maintained; enforces contract provisions; works with the house council at Cloyne, and also works closely with the BSC Central Level administration to ensure compliance with BSC policies. The Facilities Manager oversees part-time resident-assistant managers. The Facilities Manager resides in a private room at Cloyne Court and carries a cell-phone and is on-call for emergencies

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Rochdale & Fenwick Facilities Manager
Araceli Beltran


The Rochdale & Fenwick Facilities Manager is ultimately responsible for the efficient and responsive management of both facilities. The RV/FEN FM is responsible for enforcing BSC and apartment rules, contracts, and policies; keeping the apartments in good repair; maintaining the apartments' fiscal health; ensuring the apartments' security; supervising all apartment employees; and acting as a liaison between the apartments and C.O.