Fenwick Weavers Village

An image of a gazebo in Fenwick's commons.

Fenwick Weavers Village
36 Apartments of 1 to 4 Bedrooms Each - 102 Residents
2415 Dwight Way
Berkeley, CA 94704
Wheelchair Accessible

Only UC Berkeley students are eligible to live in Fenwick during the Fall and Spring.

Fenwick Weavers’ Village is an apartment complex with 1, 2, 3 and 4-Bedroom apartments. All bedrooms are single bedrooms with the exception of 1-bedroom apartments which can be shared by two people. Six of the apartments are wheelchair accessible, according to ADA requirements, amounting to 14 accessible bedrooms total. Also, Davis Park is located within the property and it includes a garden and a basketball court. Fenwick is surrounded by a decorated landscape and redwood trees.

One of the features that Fenwick is known for is its proximity to campus as Fenwick is conveniently located just a few blocks from the south side entrance of UC Berkeley and within a block from Telegraph Ave.

Fenwick is also known for its diverse community and its relaxed social environment. There are many social events and workshift parties where members can get to know their neighbors and create community. For that and many other reasons, BSC members choose to live in Fenwick.