Financial Statements

Operating Expenses for Fiscal Year 2019 - 20

The Berkeley Student Cooperative has an operating budget of approximately 11.5 million dollars a year.  With close to 1300 members served, that's about $800 per member, per month, for room & board members (less for apartments).  Bulk buying, members contributing in the form of workshift and student leadership positions, and our nonprofit status help us keep our expenses and rental rates low. BSC member rates fund the majority of our operating expenses, with some help from alumni and external donors. We are actively expanding our donor base to reduce the burden on current students, fund capital improvements and new buildings, and expand our scholarship program.

BSC Operating Budget 2019-2020.

Audited Financial Statements & Form 990

Here are the BSC's most recent documents in PDF format. Our fiscal year starts on June 1st. Earlier years are available on request.