General Information

Foodservice for Room and Board House Residents

At our 17 room and board houses, all-you-can-eat food is included in your rent during the academic year.  You cannot opt out.  During the summer, you have a choice between houses with food and houses without food. 

Members prepare dinner for the house as part of their 5-hour a week workshift.  For other meals, the fully stocked pantry and commercial kitchen are available for you to use to make your own meals. The BSC purchases food in bulk to keep costs low, though members are also welcome to buy and make their own food. 

Non-Resident Boarding and Meal Contracts temporarily suspended during the pandemic

For those living in a Co-op apartment or house without food service, or for those not living in the BSC, meal contracts are available will be available at some point in the future. You can choose between 24/7 unlimited access or 5-night dinners per semester. Boarding is a great way to try out co-op living and also earns seniority points which give priority for housing.

Coopers enjoying cooking together.