• Central Office Phone: (510) 848-1936
  • Office Hours 10:00 am - 5:00 pm weekdays
  • Central Food and Supplies Phone: (510) 549-5969
  • Central Maintenance Phone: (510) 549-5965


Betsy Putnam (Housing Supervisor)

  • All housing questions
  • All DSP related questions (Disabled Students Program)
  • All ESA/Service Animal related questions

Working from home - Email: betsy@bsc.coop or Ext. #301

Kyle Eggleston (Assistant Housing Supervisor)

  • Any questions regarding contract cancellations
  • Questions about pull-ins
  • Questions about student eligibility
  • Questions about coops
  • Questions on how to submit payment arrangements
  • Housing contract questions
  • Verifying wait list priorities
  • Waitlist questions

Phone: (510) 848-1936 Email: housing@bsc.coop or kyle@bsc.coop


Pat Jang (Accounting Supervisor)

  • All questions about Central and House Level Manager Compensation, Winter Break Compensation, House Payroll Budget and Apartment Timesheets
  • Non-current members who still owe BSC balance.
  • Spring 2022 BSC scholarship questions
  • Backup assistance for current member questions and reimbursements Email: pjang@bsc.coop or Ext. #316 (In office: Mon-Wed, WFH: Thur/Fri)

D. Williams (Accounts Receivable Specialist)

  • Any questions from current students about charges on their account
  • Understanding why current resident has a charge on their account
  • Questions about payment arrangement
  • Question about security deposit
  • Assistance with payment remittance
  • Member registration, scholarships, semesterly house fees/house bills
  • Compensation and duplicate and/or payment returns.

Working from home 10am-6:30pm- Email: dwilliams@bsc.coop or Ext. #319

Katie Alducin (Accounts Payable Specialist)

  • Reimbursement checks/Reimbursements
  • Questions about bills (internet, electricity, CFS orders etc)
  • Paying construction workers and contractors
  • All things paying people
  • PO Cards
  • House Accounts and Budgeting

Email: katie@bsc.coop or Ext. #322

WFH: Mon-Tues, In Office: Wed-Fri (9am-5:30pm)

Juhandryn Dessames (Finance and Accounting Manager)

  • Financial reports for Board
  • House budget statements
  • Audit

Email: jdessames@bsc.coop or Ext. #307


Steve Ross (Cooperative Experience Manager)

  • Questions on house-manager training
  • Questions on community involvement
  • Questions on central level policies
  • Questions on CO polices and house policies/theme units
  • Mental health crises/clear and present danger
  • Building community during covid
  • Questions about the conduct process
  • Increasing interest in manager positions
  • Member conflicts
  • ERT: ert@bsc.coop

Email is preferred: sross@bsc.coop or Ext. #313

Emily Gerger (Member Resources Coordinator)

  • House managers, social managers and health worker specific questions
  • Mental health resources
  • House-level social events
  • Manager training
  • New Member Orientation questions
  • Member concerns or member conflict

Members can contact me via email (emily@bsc.coop) or BSC office during business hours. My preferred communication method is email and I will do my best to respond within one business day. You can email me for a calendly link to schedule a meeting. I generally work in the office Monday-Thursday 9-5 and from home on Friday 9-5.

Email: emily@bsc.coop or Ext. #308


The Conduct Hearing Coordinator position is currently vacant. If you have any conduct related issues or questions (or Restorative Justice), email Steve Ross, the Cooperative Experience Manager.

  • How do I submit a conduct complaint?
  • What happens if a conduct complaint is submitted about me?
  • What is restorative justice?

Email: sross@bsc.coop or VM#313


Miguel Duarte (Central Food and Supplies Supervisor)

  • Checking out supplies - Members are welcome to come in and check out food and supplies for their house, but they must have their Kitchen Manager's permission first. CFS is open Monday - Friday 9:00 am - 5:00 pm.
  • CFS Workshift - Members are assigned permanent CFS workshifts at the beginning of each semester. Members who are interested in working in CFS for either workshift, paid workshift, or in a compensated student position should contact miguel@bsc.coop.
  • CFS deliveries - CFS delivers every weekday. Perishables on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, and non-perishables and supplies on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Kitchen Managers are responsible for placing orders. Members are welcome to reach out to me should they have any questions or concerns.

Preferred method of communication is email (miguel@bsc.coop). Replies to emails within two business days. If people need a more urgent response, they should call the CFS office: (510) 549-5969. If it's really, really urgent, they can call my cell: (925) 297-5093.

In the office Monday - Friday 11am - 5pm, sometimes earlier, sometimes later, but those are the times I'm definitely available in person. People can use my Calendy to schedule a meeting with me if they'd like, either online or in person. Miguel@bsc.coop

Anton Ennik (Assistant Central Food and Supplies Supervisor)

  • Kitchen manager questions and training
  • Waste Reduction Manager Training (Also some Hab Coords who do waste/recycling)
  • All kitchen manager inquiries. Anyone with a BSC email can check out all the resources online in the Google drive.

The online training schedule is here:

Call CFS office (510) 549-5969 or Email: anton@bsc.coop Hours: 7:30-4:30 M-F


Dave Pearson (Maintenance Supervisor)

  • For members who will need to copy keys, the CM shop will be open on Tuesday and Thursday from 1:00-3:00 pm by arrangements and emailing egarcia@bsc.coop and dpearson@bsc.coop.
  • Questions on house repairs
  • Questions on laundry machine repairs
  • BAPs/HAPs (Board/house approved projects)
  • To ensure the BSC maintains current safety practices every 1st and 3rd Wednesday and Friday of the month.
  • The CMT staff will be supporting the Maintenance Manager with their initial and final housing inspection walkthrough, by appointment only.

Remote/office work hours are from 7:00 am to 3:00 pm M-F. Preferred method of communication is by email dpearson@bsc.coop to schedule an appointment.

Email: dpearson@bsc.coop or (510) 549-5965


Araceli Beltran (Rochdale/Fenwick Facilities Manager)

  • Anything regarding Rochdale and Fenwick except assignments

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What furniture is included/how big are the rooms?
    Furniture included in the room is twin xl mattress and bedframe, desk, chair, and dresser. Kitchen includes electric range and refrigerator only. Room size varies from apartment to apartment.
  • What about pests/unauthorized animals?
    Pest issues must be reported directly to me at abeltran@bsc.coop with subject PEST:(type of pest roaches, bedbugs, moths, mice etc...). No animals are allowed on property unless they are an approved ESA or service animal that has been approved by the BSC.
  • What if I’m early or late for my move in/move out?
    All early and late move-outs/move-ins must be communicated to me via email abeltran@bsc.coop or they can call the office number (510) 548-8608 between 12:00 pm and 6:00 pm if they prefer to communicate via phone.
  • Can I/we sublet my apartment/room?
    No. This would be a violation of BSC policy. It is not allowed.
  • Are tours available?
    Tours are not currently offered due to covid.
  • Is parking available?
    A parking lottery form is sent out before the beginning of each term. Spaces are limited therefore not everyone who wants parking/fills out the form is guaranteed a parking spot. Parking costs will vary by year as rates change. This cost of parking is included in the parking lottery form that is sent out before the beginning of each term.
  • I have my own furniture. Can I remove the furniture that is already in the room?
    There is a house level policy on this. They must schedule this with one of the Rochdale/Fenwick student managers to bring furniture to the storage room and so that the managers can review the policy with them before they remove any BSC standard furniture from the unit. This house policy is discussed with the new residents during the check in process.
  • Can I have my roommates contact information?
    No, we can't distribute residents' contact information. They must send us an email written for their roommates and we will forward that to the roommates and they can decide to contact them back or not contact them.
  • What common room spaces are available?
    • Common room
    • Study room
    • Park
    • Laundry room
  • How does the internet work?
    Each apartment has at least one working connection, to which residents can connect their own router to in order to set up a wifi connection in the apartment.
  • How does Workshift work?
    This is covered at the House-Level New Member Orientation, not to be confused with the BSC Central-Level New Member Orientation.

Office phone #: (510) 548-8608 or abeltran@bsc.coop

Rochdale/Fenwick office hours are 12-6 Mon-Sat

Zandra Sante (Cloyne Court Facilities Manager)

  • Questions/activities at Cloyne
  • Theme house related questions/substance/academic policy
  • Workshift/Habitability Hours/Core Value Hours
  • How Roombids/room assignments work
  • Move-ins (timing and phone number)
  • Reporting Conduct violations and interpersonal conflict (including roommate conflicts).
  • Questions regarding manager positions and how to utilize house council meetings

Email Monday through Friday 11am-4pm: zsante@bsc.coop


The Administrative Committee (AdCom)

  • The Administrative Committee is the only body that is able to make an exception to any BSC policies. i.e. …
  • “I want to be released from my rent charges after canceling because of this extenuating circumstance.”
  • “I need more time to pay my outstanding balance.”
  • …etc.

Contact the Administrative Member Advisor, at adminma@bsc.coop

Hiring Committee (HiCom)

  • The hiring committee oversees and executes all hirings within the BSC.

If you have any questions about jobs and job availability, direct them to the HiCom Chair at hicom@bsc.coop.


Chris Kelley (Human Resources Manager)

  • Prefers email for questions about I-9s and making appointments to complete them.
  • For rental verifications, email is required because I must have written authorization from the member in order to speak with their prospective landlord.
  • Regarding employment verification, email is best because many questions from an employer require permission from the member.
  • As for other human resources inquiries, email is often the quickest. Moreover, I need to know the members' full name and a little bit about their situation. I will call them back.

Email: chris@bsc.coop or Ext. #306


Sean Camden (Webmaster)

  • Contact the Webmaster (Sean) for password resets at webmaster@bsc.coop.
  • Contact the Webmaster to contribute content (words/images) for bsc.coop.

Works from home - Email: webmaster@bsc.coop (The Webmaster does not work on Friday, and he leaves early on Thursday, so get requests in early!)


Esme Cohen (Network Manager Coordinator)

  • Contact your house's Network Manager with questions about Wi-Fi. If you are the NM for your house, or you don't have an NM, contact the Network Manager Coordinator, Esme, at nmc@bsc.coop.
  • Other resources for network management can be found here: https://bscit.bsc.coop/ although some of those resources are only accessible to Network Managers logged in with their @bsc.coop account. If you've already tried all of the above, then reach out to the Webmaster.


Dave Chelsea-Seifert (Operations Manager)

  • Police/fire, lawyer, evictions, clear/present danger
  • Temporarily directs calls for the Executive Director
  • Missing persons
  • Requests for compensation for habitability and property damage issues
  • Concerns with performance of senior managers and other staff that their direct supervisors have not adequately addressed

In Central Office M-W and at home Th-F 9:00-6:00 every day.

Email: davecs@bsc.coop or Ext. #315 if in meeting

Zoe, the Board and Executive Assistant, can address some questions for the Operations Manager, at zoe@bsc.coop

Operations Assistant

Questions or concerns about:

  • Habitability
  • Workshift
  • Central Level Workshift
  • Paid Workshift
  • Workshift conditional contracts
  • Workshift terminations
  • Pest control

You can reach the Operations Assistant at opasst@bsc.coop.

Zoe Wan (Board and Executive Assistant)

Zoe works closely with the BSC President and Executive Director to ensure that the BSC’s governance processes run smoothly. She supports the implementation of the Board governance and sustainability directives and provides administrative support to develop and improve infrastructure, systems, and build the capacity of executives and management in accomplishing the strategic objectives of the BSC. Currently assists the Operations Manager until a new Executive Director is hired.

Email: zwan@bsc.coop

Updated January 20th, 2022.

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