Student Leadership

As a cooperative, the Berkeley Student Cooperative is governed democratically by its members.  Members at each co-op house or apartment complex meet every 1-3 weeks to hold house council, where house level policies and discretionary spending is decided. 

Towards the end of each semester, houses hold elections to elect next semester's house level managers, board members, and central level committee members.  In addition to providing members control over their organization, member manager and officer positions also provide part time jobs for members.  Depending on the time commitment required, managers and officers may get partial or full rent compensation. 

At the central level, each house is represented by one or more members on the Board of Directors, which creates policies, hires the Executive Director and Operations Manager, and sets the budget.  The Board also elects the President and other Central Level executives, all of whom are student members of the BSC.

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House Level Managers

At the house or apartment level, the following member positions run day to day operations:

House: handles move-ins, house finances, conflict resolution, emergency preparedness, etc.

Kitchen: orders food and supplies, trains cooks, handles kitchen sanitation

Workshift: assigns workshifts (house chores)

Maintenance: performs basic maintenance and inspections, assists Central Maintenance professional staff with major repairs.

President: runs councils, elections, and workshops; mediates conflicts

Social: organizes setup, security, and cleanup for parties and activities

Waste Reduction: manages trash, compost, and recycling, and energy and water conservation

Network: maintains internet access and house computers and printers

Health Worker: maintains first aid supplies and provides health and safety education

Some houses also have additional elected positions, such Community Service Coordinator, Garden Manager, or Finance Manager.

Learn more about house level manager tasks and duties in the video below or at

Board and Central Level Committees

Budgets, operating processes, and policies are approved by our Board after committee review.  Each house or apartment elects representatives to the Board.  These representatives also sit on the individual committees, such as Finance Committee or Human Resources Committee.  Board also elects the President and Vice Presidents, who run the committees.   View names and emails of current executives.

Two special committees, Administrative Committee and Conduct Committee, interpret our policies on individual cases such as conduct violations. 

Jobs and Hiring

Student members also sit on our Hiring Commission, which reviews applicants and makes hiring decisions for permanent staff and student staff.  Member jobs include food delivery, office work, member education, and technical support.  See what's available at

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Member receptionists working the front desk at Central Office.

Learn more about how you can getting involved with running your co-op