Central Food & Supplies

Central Food & Supplies (formerly known as Central Kitchen) purchases, warehouses, and delivers food, furniture and supplies to the co-ops. CFS staff also train kitchen managers ,ensures houses meet health standards, supervises recycling and composting throughout the BSC houses and apartments, and caters food at special events.  The CFS office, warehouse, and loading dock are located at 2424 Ridge Road under Casa Zimbabwe and can be reached at (510) 549-5969.




CFS Supervisor

Miguel Duarte
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The CFS Supervisor coordinates all activities of the Central Food & Supplies Warehouse, including purchasing, warehousing, delivery, special orders, catering, and development of new programs and planning. The CFS Supervisor also oversees kitchen manager training and health department inspections of house kitchens in addition to supervising all CK professional staff, clerical staff, warehouse, and delivery crews.

Assistant CFS Supervisor


The Assistant Warehouse Supervisor assists the Warehouse Supervisor in managing the Warehouse at Central Food & Supplies (formerly CK). This department supplies houses with food, staples, and furniture, and is responsible for training Kitchen and/or Food Managers in sanitation, food ordering, and food preparation. CFS also supervises the BSC’s recycling and composting programs.