The Co-op Houses during Summer

The houses have single, double, and triple rooms (a few houses have quads).  You will select your permanent room and roommates after you move in during room bids.  New members should expect to share a bedroom.

The houses have from 10 to 94 bedrooms and features such as:
One unit (To Be Determined) will be closed during Summer 19 for seismic retrofitting.

Residents are responsible for the day to day operation of their co-op in order to keep costs low. Therefore, members must contribute several hours per week to cleaning and maintaining their house. The Summer workshift requirement in all of our units is 5 hours per week, except for the Rochdale/Fenwick and Northside apartment complexes. For the apartments, members owe 6 hours per 6 week session. Workshifts including chores such as doing dishes, cleaning, vacuuming and sweeping the house, organizing, management positions, and more. Members report to a Workshift Manager, an elected position at the house to coordinate which shifts work best for their schedules.