Understanding the Spring Waiting List

The waiting list is ordered as followed:

1.  By co-op seniority points (members receive 1 point every semester and .75 for summer)

2.  People with EOP priority

3.  People with Disabled priority

4.  People with EAP priority

 5.  People with other co-op priority

 6.  All new applicants in Application Number order (application numbers are assigned chronologically by the date of application.

Understanding the “codes:"

Column A:  app# - this is the application number that is assigned chronologically to applicants.  This number is used to order everyone on the waiting list. The number breaks ties between people with the same priority.
Column B:  points – anyone who has lived in the co-op before will have their points reflected here; people with points are on the top of the waiting list.
Column C:  eop – applicants with verified EOP status with UC Berkeley will have a “yes” in this column and have the appropriate priority on the waiting list.
Column D:  disabl – applicants with verification that they are a participant in the UC Berkeley Disabled Students Program will have a “yes” in this column and have appropriate priority on the waiting list
Column E:  eap – applicants who are coming TO UC Berkeley as part of the Education Abroad Program will have a “yes” in this column and will have appropriate priority.
Column F:  coop – applicants who have lived in another NASCO co-op and have provided verification will have a “yes” in this column and will have appropriate priority one the waiting list.
Column G:  grad – applicants who have verified that they are a visiting scholar, post-doc, graduate or re-entry student will have a “yes” in this column.  There is no priority given on the waiting list for this status, but in order to be eligible to live in Hillegass/Parker or Convent, applicants must verify their eligibility.
Column H: uppr - applicants who have verified they are an upper division student at UC Berkeley will have a "yes" in this column.  People with this upper division status will have priority for assignement to Cloyne Court.  Note that being upper division does not give any priority at any co-op other than Cloyne.
Column I:  guar – this field is only applicable to people with a signed contract waiting for a transfer.  The co-op where the person currently is assigned is listed here.
Column J:  resv – “d” means that the person has a contract at one co-op and has requested a transfer to a different one, thus if a person with a “d” gets a transfer, their current space will be available for re-assignment (see column J for where the current assignment is)   “W” or “w” means that the person is on the waiting list and has not already signed a contract at a different co-op.
Column K:  pref – this is a list of the applicants housing preferences in preference order separated by commas.

Below is the list of co-op abbreviations:
ACA = Andres Castro Arms
CAZ = Casa Zimbabwe
CLO = Cloyne Court
CON = Convent
DAV = Davis House
EUC = Euclid Hall
FEN = Fenwick Apartments (1b = 1 bedroom, 2b = 2 bedroom, etc)
HIP = Hillegass/Parker (sts = standard single, lgs = larger single)
HOY = Hoyt Hall
KID = Kidd Hall
KNG = Kingman Hall
LOT = Lothlorien
RID = Ridge House
ROC = Rochdale Apartments (st = studio, 2b = 2 bedroom, 3b = 3 bedroom ,etc)
PRO = African American Theme House
SHE = Sherman Hall
STB = Stebbins Hall
WAR = Oscar Wilde House
WOL = Wolf House