Meet Your Board Members! Wolf Edition.

Major: English and Business Admin Double Major, Education Minor

Hometown: Carmel Valley, California

"I am on the Capital and Finance Committee (CFCOM), so we are charged with coming up with long-term capital improvements and creating an annual budget. What are those things? Long-term capital improvements are any repairs or additions to the properties that we own that will last a long time (like new roofs, seismic retro-fits, solar panels, etc). Creating a plan for keeping the houses intact allows future members to enjoy the quality, low-cost, cooperative living that we do today. Super chill. The annual budget is a list of all the ways we are going to spend money in the coming year--that is, a certain amount on salaries, a certain amount on capital improvements, a certain amount on scholarships, etc. Once CFCOM finishes our recommendation, we bring it to the board to be voted on. As the representative for Wolf, I and the other board members then decide whether the capital improvement plan and annual budget meet the BSC's social mission or whether we need to work out a better plan! In addition to that, I make sure the lovely pups back at Wolf understand what is going on at the Central level, that they are engaged, and that their howls are heard!"
The BSC Board of Directors makes budget and governance decisions for the BSC.  The Board consists of 29 voting members with each house or apartment having 1-4 representatives.  One staff member and one alumni also sit on the board.
Board meets every 2-3 weeks during the Fall and Spring semesters (September - May) and once a month in June, July, and August.  Meetings are always on Thursday evenings starting at 7pm.  For schedules, times, and agendas, please see
Becoming a board member is one of the best ways you can influence the BSC and policies that matter the most to you.