Sherman Hall

sherman hallSherman Hall
2250 Prospect Street
Berkeley, CA 94709

In Fall and Spring: Women only
In Summer: Men and Women

40 residents
(36+ during Summer)
Single Bedrooms: 8
Double Bedrooms: 13
Triple Bedrooms: 2
Parking Spaces: None
Wheelchair Accessible

Tucked away at the end of Prospect, Sherman is something of a hidden sanctuary. Look in any direction and you’ll find a great view, whether it be of the bay, the majestic International House rooftops, the classical architecture of Memorial Stadium, or the Berkeley hills. Just a short trip away from the UC campus as well as the fire trails and Tilden, and neighboring a handful of other co-ops (you’ll always have somewhere to go to borrow a cup of sugar or nutritional yeast!), Shermaids couldn’t ask for a better location.

But that’s not our only selling point. We’ve got everything you could ask for: a ridiculous food selection never short on cereal and snacks, large and famously comfortable couches, a foosball table, a quiet study room, stereo speakers that make for constant dining room parties, a cozy patio with walls covered in vibrant murals, themed Friday dinners and, most importantly, 

40 amazing and passionate people with whom you are sure to form lasting friendships and beautiful memories. Moving in to Sherman means that no matter what – whether you’ve spent a long day in the library, an afternoon hiking in the hills, or a night out partying – you can always look forward to walking up the hill and finding on our secluded front porch a group of your closest friends relaxing, talking, and laughing together.