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One of the best aspects of living in a cooperative room and board house is the rich and vibrant community (the food being a close second). Eating dinner together, sharing common spaces, and working together to run the house democratically connects people and builds a sense of community. You will gain an understanding of teamwork that will help you succeed in life. You’ll make friends that will become more than friends - they’ll become your surrogate family.


For the Fall and Spring semesters, all 17 houses have food service.  All you can eat food is included as part of your rent.
For Summer 2019, Person of Color Theme House (Castro), Davis, Wilde, Wolf, Kingman, Lothlorien and Hilegass Parker will most likely have food service. In these houses, all you can eat food is included as part of your rent.  At other houses during the summer, kitchens are available for your use, but you'll have to buy your own food.

Utilities, Furniture, etc.

Utilities, furniture, and other miscellaneous expenses are all included in your rent.

hallway in davis


The members of each house vote every semester on which residents will fulfill the various management roles, giving every member the opportunity for both employment and leadership experience. The house is maintained through every resident's workshift obligation.


During Fall and Spring and Summer the workshift requirement at the houses is 5 hours a week. 

Each House is Unique

Since the houses are managed and operated through the efforts of the residents, each house represents a distinct community with it's own culture, systems and unique benefits. Some houses are smaller and quieter, and some are bigger and more boisterous. Check out the descriptions of the houses to learn more about the individual co-ops.

Room assignments

As a new member, you should expect to share a room, except in our two graduate/re-entry student houses (Convent and Hillegass/Parker). The good news is: you will get to pick your roommate in a process called room bids.

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