Cloyne Court

2600 Ridge Road
Berkeley, CA 94709
140 Residents
(119 During Summer)
Single Bedrooms: 38
Double Bedrooms: 39
Triple Bedrooms: 8
Parking Spaces: 8
Wheelchair Accessible

Only UC Berkeley students are eligible to live in Cloyne.  

Substance-Free, Academic Theme.

Cloyne Court opened fresh after renovations in Fall 2014 as the Substance-Free Academic Theme House.  Cloyne is the closest BSC house to the UC campus, but is also removed enough to offer respite from the hubbub of Berkeley.  Without the distraction of alcohol and other substances and with extended quiet hours, five expansive study rooms, and high speed fiber-optic internet; Cloyne Court is the ideal environment for co-opers interested in focusing on academics.

Our residents have plenty to do in this registered historic landmark.  From shooting hoops in our full-length basketball court to playing a game of pool in our billiards room, Cloyne has infinitely more to offer than a strictly academic environment.  Residents can attend social events such as house dance parties, sunset yoga, open mic nights, and dodge ball tournaments.  Residents can also indulge their green thumbs in our impressive garden, make and record music in our band room, shoot pool in our game room, or watch a movie on one of our many projectors.  Those more interested in creative endeavors may take part in designing our co-op wide lecture series, creating our hackerspace in the downstairs, or even contributing to our storied muraled walls.  If you are looking for a place to take full advantage of all that UC Berkeley has to offer and are interested in living in a happy, active, and diverse environment, look no further than Cloyne Court.  To learn more, visit our website at


- 3 study rooms
- Extended quiet hours
- Large deck, backyard, and garden
- Covered (and uncovered) bike parking
- Basketball Court
- Library
- Pool Room
- Hackerspace
- Home Gym
- Meditation Room
- Band/Music Room
- Projectors, speakers, and recording equipment

Finally, should you join our wonderful community at Cloyne, you’ll find that our house is amazingly diverse.  We are friendly and strongly support those who identify as genderqueer, disabled, a person of color, or a substance abuse recoveree.

Members who live or board at Cloyne Court also agree to abide to the terms and conditions of the Cloyne Court contract addendum below.



This contract addendum supplements the terms of the Berkeley Student Cooperative’s standard contract with Members. Pursuant to the BSC lease agreement with the University of California for use of the Cloyne Court property located at 2600 Ridge Road, and in consideration of Cloyne Court’s designation as a Substance Free Academic Theme House as well as the neighboring working academic department, all members offered a contract to reside at Cloyne Court must receive a copy of this addendum prior to signing a contract with the Berkeley Student Cooperative. Residents of Cloyne Court must also sign a copy of this document stating that they have read, understood, and agreed to comply with the following conditions and additional Member responsibilities:

 1. Member acknowledges that Cloyne Court is a Substance-Free Environment.  As such,       residing at Cloyne Court expressly forbids the consumption of or storage of intoxicating substances (except those prescribed by a doctor and consistent with state and federal law) on the property of Cloyne Court.  Member agrees to abide by this rule and actively support the enforcement of house and BSC policies related to substance use.

2. Academic Theme. Member recognizes living in an academic theme house carries additional responsibilities and considerations pursuant to the Cloyne Academic Theme Charter. Members and guests must abide by the Charter as well as all house policies and community agreements.

 3. Quiet Hours. Out of respect for community neighbors, all members will observe daytime quiet hours from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM Monday through Friday, or whenever the UC Berkeley is officially open for business. Additionally, in the interest of furthering Cloyne Court’s Academic Theme, Members agree to abide by the extensive quiet hours as outlined by unit by-laws.

 4. Response to Neighbor Complaints. At all times a house manager will be available to address complaints, inquiries, and other communications from neighbors. Reasonable provisions shall be made so that the contact person(s) at Cloyne Court or within the BSC are easily accessible 24 hours a day to neighbors and has the authority and means to correct conditions (e.g. loud noise, improperly parked cars, etc.) that are the subject of legitimate complaints. Member agrees to assist management in immediately resolving any such complaints.

 5. No Smoking, Flames, Incense or Candles. In accordance with University of California requirements for use of their property, Members are prohibited from smoking, igniting open flames, incense and candles throughout the premises. The use of medical cannabis is NOT permitted at Cloyne Court.

6. No Access to the Roof. Members agree to prohibit access to the roof of Cloyne Court and shall not  permit access to or use of the roof other than for inspection, maintenance, or repair work.

 7. Maintenance of the Grounds. Members agree to assist the BSC in maintaining the grounds and  courtyard included in Cloyne Court. Specifically, members are expected to assist in the removal and prevention of debris throughout property exterior, dispose of waste properly inappropriate bins, and keep the courtyard pristine for common use by all house residents.