Bike and Car Parking

Bike Parking

The co-ops have bike racks and bike rooms for you to store your bike free of charge.  Please provide your own lock. 

Car Sharing

City Carshare vehicles are available for rent by the hour throughout Berkeley.  Anyone can join City Carshare to access them.  Hillegass Parker House, Oscar Wilde, the Convent, and Northside Apartments have carshare vehicles available in their own parking lot. 

Motorcycle Parking

Some houses have additional space at the edge of parking lots for motorcycle parking.  Please contact the house manager for details.

Car Parking

Some co-ops have parking lots with spots available. Those who are interested in parking spaces bid on them at the beginning of the semester. The bids are governed by seniority, just like room bids. Each house sets their own rates for parking spaces.

If you are unable to get a parking spot at your house, you may have better luck at a house nearby. Ask a house manager for more information about parking at other houses.

If you are still unable to get a parking spot, 2-hour street parking is available around the co-ops. To be able to park longer, you can obtain a parking permit from the city. You must register your car at your co-op address through the DMV to buy a permit ($55/year). If you do not register your car at your co-op address, the city will only sell you a maximum of three temporary 2-week permits for $28.50 each, per year.  For the most part, residential parking permits are not required from 6pm to 9am on weekdays. Sundays and holidays are also usually free. 

Alternatively, you can find a local person renting parking on their property or you can park far away from the University on the weekdays (out of the 2-hour zone).

There are excellent bus maps available at