During the academic year, the 17 houses are room and board.

For Summer, some co-op houses are room-only…meaning no food. Of course this means rent is a whole lot cheaper!  We generally have 7 or 8 houses open with food service during the summer.  We decide which houses have food in summer during the spring.

All You Can Eat!

Moving into one of our 17 houses during the academic year means never having to worry about where your next meal is coming from. Unlike the dorm cafeterias, your co-op kitchen never closes, giving members access to food 24 hours a day. If you are living in an apartment (which doesn't come with food), you can get a meal contract at a co-op.

In the room and board houses, a portion of your rent goes right back to the house to keep the kitchen stocked with food. Because we buy in bulk, we can buy more food for less money, allowing houses to have a great variety of food on hand for everyone to enjoy. We also buy mostly organic produce.

You should see the different sandwiches people make when you have three kinds of bread, two types of mustard, at least three choices of meat, cheese and veggie patties… pickles, pepperoncini’s… lettuce…cucumbers… tomatoes…. sour cream… the list goes on and on!

Food Requests/Special Dietary Needs

Every house elects a food or kitchen manager to be in charge of ordering the food. This person is a student and a member just like you. Most houses have a list where you can make food or dinner requests – if not, just tell the kitchen manager what your needs/desires are.

The co-ops are a very friendly place for vegans and vegetarians. Lothlorien is our only house that is exclusively vegetarian (no meat is allowed in their kitchen). Almost every other house has vegetarian options for every prepared meal. And since we order food based on the needs/desires of the people who live in the houses, there is always vegetarian/vegan friendly food on hand.

Dinner’s ready!

Each house decides how many hours of the pooled workshift labor to devote to preparing meals for the entire house. Most houses choose to prepare nightly dinners for all members. Larger houses tend to cook meals more often, either adding a brunch on a weekend day or breakfast and/or lunch during the week.

That means when you’re coming home from a long day of classes, you’ll be welcomed by a homemade piping hot meal waiting for you…what could be better? If you don’t like what was served for dinner, there’s a kitchen full of food and possibly leftovers from previous meals…you can make yourself a box of macaroni and cheese, or a sandwich, or burrito, a bowl of cereal, or eat last night’s eggplant parmesan…you’ll never go hungry again!

Boarding (food only contract)

A great way to get a taste of co-op life without the commitment of a full contract is to get a boarding contract. Boarders get the same access to food, facilities, voting, and social events as house residents. Fewer workshift hours are required of boarders than residents. Boarding for 10 consecutive weeks during a semster gives you "boarder" priority which can be used to your advantage if you decide to move in later. Boarding is also available to residents of our apartments. For more information about boarding, check out the Meal Contracts section.