The Convent

The Convent
1601 Allston Way
Berkeley, CA 94703

Limited to UCB Graduate and re-entry (age 25 or older) students only. Students need to verify their eligibility before they can be assigned.

25 residents
Single Bedrooms: 25

Accessible Rooms: 1
Parking Spaces: 10 (easy to park on the street also)
Wheelchair Accessible.

Members who live or board at The Convent also agree to abide to the terms and conditions of the Convent contract addendum below.

Only UC Berkeley graduate and re-entry students are eligible to live in the Convent during the Academic Year.

The Convent is in fact a former convent, but the studious, cloistered nuns have long since been replaced by studious, cloistered graduate and re-entry students. Well, at least some of them are studious. The almost deity-like powers of maturity possessed by these wise scholars allow them to maintain a house that is clean, orderly, environmentally friendly, and fairly quiet. Well-roundedness of convent residents is ensured by regular games of pool, foosball, or dance-dance revolution in the spacious chapel-cum-game room, as well as many insightful crossdisciplinary discussions of academic esoterica. Occasionally, residents relive their heady college days during infamous once-a-semester parties, karaoke nights, and other social gatherings.

life at the convent

Since cooking is a fabulous way to procrastinate thesis-writing, Convent meals tend to be elaborate many-course affairs of almost disgusting decadence. In short, The Convent serves as an ideal place for both immersing oneself in one’s studies and escaping from the books for some real live human interaction.

The Convent sports a pool table (which hosts occasional tournaments), piano, dartboard, and extensive exercise equipment.


This contract addendum supplements the terms of the Berkeley Student Cooperative’s standard contract with Members. In pursuant of the BSC lease agreement with the University of California for use of The Convent property located at 1601 Allston Way, all members must receive a copy of the University of California conditions of use for their review prior to signing a contract. The following Rules apply:

1. There will be one manager (with two back-up individuals) living at 1601 Allston (The Convent) as a contact person for complaints, inquiries, and other communications from neighbors. Information on how to contact this manager shall be provided to the neighbors, the University, and the University Terrace Homeowners Association. Reasonable provisions shall be made so that the contact person(s) at The Convent or within the BSC are easily accessible 24 hours a day to neighbors and has the authority and means to correct conditions (e.g. loud noise, improperly parked cars, etc.) that are the subject of legitimate complaints.

2. The Convent property borders common facilities, private residences, parking areas, and outdoor spaces that are part, of the University Terrace Faculty Homes. Use of, or access to, any common facilities by residents of The Convent can be granted or denied by the University Terrace Homeowners Association at its sole discretion. Use of any of these facilities shall not be assumed.

3. Members and their guests must respect the proximity of their residence to adjacent private homeowners and residences (particularly private residences on Allston Way and Jefferson Avenue, and faculty homeowners and their families, especially those in adjacent building #7, #8, #9) and avoid late night (after 10:00 PM) noise, early morning (before 9:00 AM) noise, or other sustained noise or activity that would tend to disturb the peace and quiet enjoyment of faculty residents, their families, invitees, or guests. Members agree not to make any excess noise or create any nuisance such as will disturb the peace and quiet of other members or neighbors. Compliance with the City of Berkeley Noise Ordinance shall be a binding condition on Members and their guests.

4. Members shall limit gatherings to no more than 50 individuals at any one time. Such gatherings must take place entirely within the building and/or enclosed courtyard and shall not occur more than once per week. Gatherings should not produce noise audible to adjacent residences past 10:00 PM at night, must comply with sound conditions stated in Rule 3 above, and must not at any point produce noise which violates the City of Berkeley's noise ordinance or interferes with the quiet enjoyment of adjacent residents. All events must comply with City of Berkeley regulations. Members sponsoring gatherings or parties shall undertake to ensure that guests do not gather or loiter outside the building/courtyard. The Convent shall not be used for non-residential purposes by Members, with the exception of parties organized by Members and limited to their individually invited guests, and occasional meetings directly related to the activities of the BSC. Gatherings, parties, events, fundraisers, or activities sponsored primarily by, or on behalf of, non-residents are not permitted. The intent of this provision is understood to mean that members of The Convent may hold parties, but that The Convent shall not be viewed by Members as a venue for any events or activities that are not private social gatherings initiated, sponsored and hosted by The Convent Members.

Members may not conduct any business activities at The Convent, or share any part of the facilities with the exception of activities permitted under the City of Berkeley’s Home Occupation Ordinance. If a business activity is proposed, application must be made to the City of Berkeley for a Home Occupation Use Permit.

5. Ten parking spaces on the 2100 block of Jefferson Avenue are provided to the Members of The Convent. The regular use of these parking spaces shall be only for Members of The Convent. The remainder of the parking spaces on the privately owned 1601 block of Jefferson Avenue are owned and controlled by either the University Terrace Homeowners Association or St. Joseph the Worker Church/St Joseph’s Elementary School. Under no circumstances should Members or their guests park vehicles on any part of the 2100 block of Jefferson other than the 10 spaces designated for use by The Convent Members. This applies to vehicles conducting loading, waiting for passengers, or other temporary parking. Parking areas for motorcycles, scooters, or other motorized equipment must be approved by the University, and the Members will restrict parking of these types of vehicles to those locations. A 21 foot minimum fire access lane in the center of the street and access to all other parking on the block must be clear of vehicles or obstructions at all times. Each Member of The Convent should recognize the proximity of St Joseph’s Elementary School and St Joseph the Worker Church and the fact that numerous children and parishioners use, and go to and from, those facilities along Jefferson Avenue; residents should exercise reasonable caution and judgment in driving on or otherwise using the 2100 block of Jefferson Avenue and entering and exiting from the block.

A one story, two vehicle garage structure adjoins the patio/courtyard of The Convent. Use of this structure will be controlled by the University Terrace Homeowners Association. Members of The Convent shall not use or enter the structure.

6. Under no circumstances shall Members permit any non-residents to live, camp, loiter, gather, park vehicles, deposit or store possessions, or conduct business or activities within the premises or on the grounds or in the parking area of The Convent. Under the conditions established in Rule 10, below, invited guests of members may stay overnight within the main building of The Convent and park vehicles for transportation in parking spaces designated for use by The Convent members. Guests may not use the premises for outdoor camping or to store vehicles or possessions on the premises at any time when they are not actually in residence. Guests shall not be permitted or encouraged to park in any parking areas owned and controlled by the University Terrace Faculty Homeowners Association or St. Joseph the Worker Church/St. Joseph's Elementary School.

7. The interior and exterior of The Convent shall not be altered (e.g. exterior signs, new finishes, paint, or other alterations) except after written approval by the University, which approval may be granted or withheld in the University's sole discretion subject to conditions outlined below. Alterations will generally be limited to those reasonably related to the maintenance or identification of the building. Interior painting shall be governed by the following conditions:   1)   The BSC and/or The Convent Members may repaint common areas. The University retains the right to approve paint color, type, and painting patterns in common areas.   2)   Murals, graffiti, and other similar painting or decoration shall not be painted or attached within the building. Unpainted woodwork or other unpainted surfaces shall not be painted or refinished.   3)   Members may paint their private rooms without University review, providing such painting complies with BSC regulations and that the selected color(s) is/are light enough that it could be entirely painted over with one coat of primer and one coat of interior finish white paint AND unpainted woodwork shall not be painted or refinished without University review and approval.   4)   Any paint used within the building shall be of a type generally accepted and in use for interior residential applications.

8. Normal access to and exiting from The Convent shall be through one of three points: the main entry door on Allston, the back door at the northeast corner of the building, or the gate on the north side of the patio/courtyard. No other entrances or exits shall be created or used, except for emergency evacuation. The door exiting on the west side of the former chapel wing of the building is not to be used except for emergency exiting, due to its proximity to faculty residences.

9. The Convent Members must be graduate or "re-entry" students (as defined by the UC Berkeley) in good standing at the University of California at Berkeley. By signing this contract addendum, member is swearing that s/he fulfills this condition of membership. This contract is expressly conditioned upon the truth of this statement.

10. Overnight guests of Members shall be limited to no more than five at any one time for the entire premises, and guests shall be subject to the same rules as Members. Guests shall be housed only within the residential portion of the structure (excluding the former chapel wing) and their stays must generally be of limited and temporary duration of no more than 3 days and otherwise consistent with BSC guest policies. Guests may be permitted to remain for up to two weeks, providing that this shall be an occasional event, not a regular occurrence, and that no stays longer than two weeks shall be granted under any circumstances. Up to 20 guests may be permitted on three occasions; the weekend of the California/Stanford football game and during a period of approximately one week at the end of each semester when graduations occur. It is understood that guests at these times will generally be individuals staying in Berkeley for the football game or graduation.

11. No pets or animals are allowed in or around the premises of The Convent at any time.

12. Members agree to keep access to the roof of The Convent locked and secure, and shall not permit access to or use of the roof other than for inspection, maintenance, or repair work.

13. Members agree to assist the BSC in complying with all applicable codes and ordinances regarding fire safety, equipment, and exiting, and shall be responsible for insuring that fire safety and suppression systems are in working order.

14. Members agree to comply with any and all applicable health, safety, and sanitation codes covering residences, operations of a food service program, and cleanliness.

15. Members agrees to assist the BSC in maintaining the grounds and courtyard included in The Convent areas in good condition, including necessary watering, pruning, and removal of debris.