2527 Ridge Road
Berkeley, CA 94709

64 residents
Single Bedrooms: 18
Double Bedrooms: 23
Parking spaces: 7

Stebbins Hall is home to students of all backgrounds: veteran co-op’ers and sophomores fresh out of the dorms, junior transfers and foreign exchange students, engineers and sun worshippers, beer brewers and bread bakers, mushroom hunters and business majors, foresters and freegans, the gluten-intolerant and caffeine addicts -- Stebbins has them all. Because of our diversity, the house character is one of tolerance and collaboration.

The heart of our community is our dining room. Part 24-hour diner, part library, part lounge, the dining room is the place where one can reliably find a midnight snack, study partner , or a favorite couch whenever the need may arise. The house’s study spaces are ample and well-lit to fit the academically-minded student’s needs. After a hard week of schoolwork, Stebbinites like to unwind; naked hot-tubbing, kitchen dance parties, and blue grass festivals in the backyard are the stuff of fond Stebbins memories.



So come and visit! Walk-in visitors for dinner are always welcome. We serve dinner Sunday through Friday at 6:30pm (suggested donation is $3). We enjoy calling Stebbins our home and hope that someday you will too!

cooking and pool at stebbins

activities at stebbins


Study room
Conference/board game room
Industrial kitchen w/ walk-in refrigerator
Dining room/kitchen sound system
Home movie theater
Pool/ping pong table
Sun deck
Hot tub
Bike storage shed
Coin-op wash/dry: 50 cents/load
Wireless internet
Daily newspaper delivery (usually New York Times and San Francisco Chronicle)