Hillegass Parker House

Hip house front stepsHillegass-Parker (HiP) House
2545 Hillegass Avenue
Berkeley, CA 94704

Limited to graduate students, visiting scholars, post-docs and re-entry (age 25 or older) students only. Students need to verify their eligibility before they can be assigned.

57 residents
Standard Single Bedrooms: 34
Deluxe Single Bedrooms (larger rooms): 23

Hillegass-Parker House (HIP for short) isn't a home-away-from-home to its residents, it is home.. Many of us move here from out of state or out of the country, bring rich experiences of different lifestyles and traditions into the dialogue about how we should get things done. We like to strike a balance between the intensity and rigors of academic life and the need to relax and feel comfortable in our own space. Each of our three buildings is a little different, but all are historical. We take great pride in the beautiful furnishings and architecture of our home.

Socially, we like to get out of the house occasionally and go camping, skiing, roadtripping, roller-coaster riding.... However, we've even been known to throw a few good parties at home. Our nightly dinners are always fabulous, and all of us get in on the cooking. We rival the best Iron Chefs. Some of our favorite nights are spent cozily in front of the fireplace, but someone is always ready to go out to let off school stress at Karaoke or Happy Hour around Berkeley.

We enjoy what is arguably the nicest backyard in the BSC, with three peaceful seating areas, veggie patches and great fruit trees. Its a great space to study or have a sunset dinner, but so is the roof deck! We also have a few specially designated rooms for group study, including a small library and the vast and well-lit "Carriage House," which is outfitted with a projector for presentations and movie nights.

Come down to our part of town and have dinner with us, feel at home.