Member Portal FAQ

Navigating the Member Portal and Application

The page redirects or the site never loads. How do I access the portal?

Our software uses pop-ups to open a new window for both the New Member Registration and the BSC Member Log-In sections of the portal.

Before logging in, configure your browser to allow pop-ups for the portal website (

In Safari, go to Preferences menu, then click on Security.  Uncheck block popups. 

In Chrome, go to your main settings, show advanced settings, and then under the privacy section click on “Content Settings.” Within this section you can choose to enable pop-ups, and you can choose to enable them for all pages or “manage exceptions” for specific pages. It may take a few tries to enable pop-ups in Chrome.

In Firefox, open the “Options” section within your settings and select “Content.” You can then uncheck the box that says “Block pop-up windows,” or you can list the link to our portal under your exceptions.

In Internet Explorer, select “Internet” under your Tools. The pop-up blocker settings can be found under the Privacy tab.

What’s my username and password?

If you have previously applied for housing but have not received an email from us containing your username and password, you can contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., give us a call or come into the office. Your username will be the email address we have on file for you, and we will give you a randomly generated temporary password. Once you log in, you’ll be able to change your password.

If you’ve forgotten your password, contact the office by phone during our business hours Monday through Friday, 10 am to 5 pm PST or by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we can temporarily reset it.

Applying for Housing

I’ve lived in the BSC or have paid money to the BSC before. How do I apply?

If you’ve made a payment before, use the BSC Member Log-in link located on our home. DO NOT complete the New Member Registration or pay the $25 registration fee. Contact the office if you do not have your login information.

I updated my profile information. How do I get on the waiting list?

If you just applied or reset your password, you must wait at least 15 minutes for this information to process in our system. You will then be able to log back in and access the portal.

Select “Click here to begin” and then “Member Profile.” If you are not a current resident, you can add yourself to a future waiting list by clicking “Apply for Housing” located on the upper right of your “Welcome Co-oper” screen in the portal. You can then select the semester you are interested in.

Unlike in our previous system, you will be able to apply for multiple semesters and be on the waiting lists simultaneously. You will need to apply for each of the terms you are interested in.

How do I add or change housing preferences?

After you’ve applied for the semester you’re interested in, you MUST click on “Change My Housing Preferences,” located under the housing application in the “Welcome Co-oper” screen.  You otherwise will have no housing preferences associated with your application.

Select the term you applied for and add your preferences. If you are applying for apartments, you are able to specify the apartment size. If you applied for multiple semesters, you will need to add preferences to your application for each term, as they will not transfer over. Remember to click “Finish!” You will receive a conformation email after submitting housing preferences. If you do not receive a conformation email, either submit your preferences again or contact our office if you believe there is an error by phone during our business hours Monday through Friday, 10 am to 5 pm PST or by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

What does it mean to mark my preferences as critical?

Checking the “critical” box on your last preference means that we will only consider you for the houses you’ve listed. If you do not check “critical,” this means that after we’ve considered you for all of your listed preferences, we will then try to assign you to any open spot in the system. If you only want to be assigned to the houses listed in your preferences, mark your last housing choice as “critical.” If you list multiple preferences but you mark “critical” for any preference that is not your last choice, the system will NOT try to assign you to anything you’ve listed after “critical.”

Making Payments

How do I make a payment?

In the lower left corner of the “Welcome Co-oper” screen you can choose to “View Balance/Make a Payment.” If you are making a security deposit or membership payment, click “Security Deposit or Membership Fee.”  If making a rent payment, select “Pay on Account” and then choose your payment method. After you click “Next Step” you will be able to view your current balance.

Type in the amount of money you’d like to pay on your account and click “Apply.” Once you “Proceed to summary,” you will be taken to a third party gateway to enter your payment information.

After clicking “Pay Now,” you will receive an email conformation for your payment. Click “Finish” at the bottom of the page, otherwise your payment will NOT be submitted which could result in late fees or loss of housing.

What does my total balance consist of?

If you have a charge labeled “Balance Forward,” it is an outstanding charge from the previous semester. This could include rent payments, housebills, parking, media, and social fees, or other related charges. If you are unsure what your outstanding balance comprises of, you can contact the office and speak with the Accounting Department.

When viewing your balance, your rent payments will be divided into your total room charges and/or your total board charges for the semester, if applicable.

How do I make a Payment Arrangement?

Payment Arrangements need to be done in the portal. You can “Request a Payment Arrangement” under the Member Account section in the lower left of the “Welcome Co-oper” page. You MUST have a signed contract, security deposit and membership fee on file to request a payment arrangement.


If you have made a payment arrangement and want to view your payment schedule, click “View Balance/Make a Payment.” In the next window, select “I have a Payment Arrangement.”