Andres Castro Arms


castro stepsAndres Castro Arms
2310 Prospect Street
Berkeley, CA 94704

56 residents
(48+ residents during Summer)
Single Bedrooms: 7
Double Bedrooms: 20
Triple Bedrooms: 3
Accessible Rooms: 1
Parking Spaces: 8

Wheelchair Accessible

Scale the red brick steps leading through our lush gardens, past the trickling fountain and lay your gaze upon our beautiful Julia Morgan house. Welcome to the world of Castro. Ask to be led up to our fourth floor roof for the most awe-inspiring of San Francisco Bay views.  Swing by the kitchen; enjoy a handful of chocolate chips before melting into a living room sofa by the fireplace and witnessing an impromptu jam session of nerd rock or jazz piano. Enjoy an exquisite array of meat, veggie and vegan options in our ridiculously huge dining room or on our glass-enclosed porch facing the Bay. As you digest, play a spirited game of foosball on our tournament-level table or kick back and swap stories in our regularly cleaned hot tub with the residents, people of sharp wit and gentle souls.

Castrati will be there to make breakfast with you in the morning and shake their groove thing with you at night, whether it be at our infamous Disco Party, our glorious battles in the broomball arena, or our cozy Music and Story nights. But don’t get the wrong idea: Castro isn’t all about parties. You can always find a quiet place to study; our Study Room is equipped with a common computer and printer, as well as table and couch space for readin’, writtin’ and rhetoricizin’. In fact, we have the highest average GPA in the co-ops (unverified). But Castro’s dinners, Castro’s walls, indeed Castro’s very soul, is simply the collective journey of you and your fifty-six comrades-at-Arms. Live at Castro. Live the Dream.




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